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"Recall Gavin Newsom" Just Got Real: Opinion

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

The Recall Gavin Newsom campaign has been picking up steam, with hundreds of thousands of people signing a petition to certify a recall election that would potentially replace Gavin Newsom as Governor of California.

Over 80,000 voters in California have volunteered to help collect signatures, with over 1.4 million Californians signing the petition. The Recall Newsom campaign needs approximately 400,000 more votes to achieve its successful total of 1.8 million California voters signing the petition.

This comes as Governor Newsom has received tremendous backlash for handling the pandemic, which has rocked California with over 3.1 million total cases and 44,000 deaths. However, Newsom's sinking approval rating is caused by more than California's failure to contain the coronavirus.

Why Newsom has Failed So Many

We simply cannot pinpoint one reason as to why Gavin Newsom has failed so many Californians, though we can see numerous instances where his approval rating consequently dropped.

The closure of small businesses and beaches

Newsom was the first governor in the United States to impose a lockdown, preventing the state's nearly 40 million residents from doing outdoor activities and attending nonessential business like restaurants, bakeries, and small mom-and-pop shops that desperately need income to stay afloat.

Closing these nonessential businesses consequently prevented millions of Californians from working, a detrimental order to many who face steep rent payments in one of the most expensive states in the country.

Furthermore, it is estimated that half of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings account, making this a dire situation for many Californians who are at risk of being homeless due to the order.

Newsom fails to comply with his own stay-at-home orders

Despite many in the state being forced to stay home, Governor Newsom was caught disregarding his stay-at-home orders



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