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The World Demands Justice

As the United States fights for equal justice, other nations are doing the same

A protest to end police brutality in London

As the United States continues its protest of the innocent killings of black Americans, people in other countries are also joining the fight to support equal justice. There are numerous accounts of foreigners protesting in response to the killing of George Floyd. Here are some images:

Berlin, Germany
London, United Kingdom
Paris, France

George Floyd was killed by police last month by going unconscious from a choke hold, a common practice used by police in order to detain and arrest suspected criminals. The city of Minneapolis soon responded with widespread peaceful protests throughout the day to promote the firing of the four officers involved in Floyd's death. Today we can say that the officer placing his knee on George Floyd's neck has received the heavy charge of second-degree murder, whereas the other officers received charges aiding and abetting second-degree murder. Second-degree murder received charges of up to 40 years in prison, whereas aiding and abetting second-degree murder receives up to 10 years.

Melbourne, Australia

Many say, though, that the charges have not gone far enough, as new killings have been brought to light in the news recently.

George Floyd's family has also called this a bittersweet moment, as they believe the policeman who knelt on Floyd's neck should receive first-degree murder charges.

Floyd's family went on to call this "a bittersweet moment. We are deeply gratified that (Ellison) took decisive action, arresting & charging ALL the officers involved in #GeorgeFloyd's death & upgrading the charge against Derek Chauvin to felony second-degree murder,"

However, they went on to say that "we cannot celebrate because an arrest is not a conviction and we want justice. We want whole justice."

Our Thoughts: Though the fight is not over, it seems as if the world is rallying around the issue of black inequality and justice for these harsh killings. These images really put into perspective how entranced the world is with the issue. The horrific killing of George Floyd has brought outrage both inside and outside the United States, and everyone is screaming for justice. The world appears to be very united in demanding for significant change, and that is something to be hopeful for.



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